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JDM 2022

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Early Anabaptists on Gewalt, Gelassenheit, and Ordnung

The  2022 lectures, delivered by Jonathan Seiling, will be available in print soon.

JDM 2021

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Reading and Writing in the Church of God in Moravia

Hutterite Book Culture in the 16th and 17th Centuries

The  2021 lectures, delivered by Martin Rothkegel, will be available in print soon.

JDM 2020

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“Holding Fast to What is Good?”

Tradition and Renewal in Hutterite History

The  2020 lectures, delivered by Astrid von Schlachta, are available in print through the publisher or Amazon.

JDM 2019

Blessings and Burdens

100 Years of Hutterites in Manitoba

The inaugural 2019 lectures, delivered by Ian Kleinsasser, are now available in print.

“Kleinsasser writes well and documents his sources carefully. His book is insightful and a pleasure to read. While critical of the painful disunity among Hutterians and the neglect of their schools, he is balanced in his treatment, paints a big picture, and invites his people, of whatever Leut, into a better future."

                                              --Mennonite Quarterly Review

Available through the publisher or Amazon.

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